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How To Write Alfred Dorn Sonnet

How To write Alfred Dorn Sonnet with Examples

The Alfred Dorn sonnet is different than most sonnets, in that it has an Italian sestet and a Sicilian sestet linked by a couplet. Both sestets share common rhyme set by the first line. The rhyme scheme is as follows;
a. b. c.a. b. c. ... d. d. ... a. e. a. e. a. e.


We’ve written fantasies of our every touch,
Novels well worthy of others relaxing read.
Were Knight and Princess roams, the beauty of night 'n day.
Carried away in times of fevered clutch,
The Princess empowers his existing needs.
Joys of Knight and Princess are vividly put on display.

His warmth melts down her resisting mind,
Where dreams forefeel and love’s richly defined.

Together they met heavens pleasured touch, some a bit to much for some.
Laughter takes the setting, to ease their friction clutch .
Their love for oneanother resides in words to hum.
Writings etched within their treasured touch.
You can follow their dreams...of pleasurable times to come...

Twinklewriter 2007

Panic Saga

Love is always waiting for attention
No matter what bumpy roads have brought
His love, his compassion still resides
Love sometimes falls into destruction
She pulls back; why? Reasons fought
Memories harsh, unkind words subside.

Illness, he never understood, confusion remains
Nervous brake-down, from heinous caused pain

Love once had meaning with understood reasons
She knows there's no time left; no energy thrives
She enjoys, recuperates; from failures stepped on
She wished he'd known of nerve-ending vibes
Hopeful dreams, scenic themes she views on
Out the window gone are all wasted bribes

Twinklewriter 2007