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Acrostic Information

Arostic Information

Acrostic poetry is a form of short verse and constructed by placing capitalized word or phrase vertically down the page to form the initial letters of each line of poetry. Each line is used to relate to the word, or praise the subject, if it is a ladies name for example.

The term is derived from the Greek words akros, "at the end," and stichos, "line," and was popular in Greece during the Alexandrine period and later with the Latin playwrights Ennuis and Plautus. Much later again, it became popular during the Italian Renaissance periods.

Originally the form also rhymed, and Turco in his book states this, however, in schools where poetry is taught as part of the syllabus, it states that the poem does not have to rhyme, and I suppose free verse exponents would agree with this, (and probably wrote the curriculum). So the choice is yours, Classic or Modern.

In summary: # May use one word or a phrase, placed vertically down the page. # One letter per line, all must be capital letters # Each line of poetry must begin with the letter on that line and must relate to the word, or phrase using adjectives and phrases to describe that word # Does not have to rhyme.

Twinklewriter shows her enthusiasm for her favorite form.

Transcend to a peaceful, respected site.
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Relaxation to learn what all writerís yearn for.

New writings, to nurture and feast your minds eye core.
Acrostic, Haikuís, Sonnets to explore and learn to write.

Never a dull moment, with warm friendly and witty Poets.
Observe and join us in creativity, learning and fellowship.
Guidance to the knowledge of numerous Poetry and Prose

Twinklewriters example of a double acrostic about *Twinkle*

Twinklewriter is famous for arostic form scripT
itting writings of words making a good throW
deas written in arostic from could end with skI
otice Twinkle always locates a word like nouN
eep in mind a few poem form can be so bleaK
ittle does anyone know twinkleís magical spelL
ight thousand poems; twinkle does acrostic finE

As an alternative it is possible to use the final letters, this is termed, telestich, or down the middle, mesostich. Twinklewriter provides this example of her triple acrostic, "Rainbows End"

Rainbow kiss vibrant essences Romantic viewed with loveR
Alluring feelings to warm you, Activating a privileged areA
Itís message sent soft whispers Ideal for views for you and I
New thought devised for loves, Needing to give away desigN
Bowed and curtseyed for your, Breathtaking look and throB
Over rainbow kisses heavenly, Others have a peacefully coO
Worth waiting for we concur, Wishing to fill yearnings floW
Substantial eternal memories, Scenic rainbows magical ahS

Exhilarating our loving times Extra charming visions comE
Noteworthy to explore in time New dreams exhaled flowN
Dreams float near a sweetest Dream, at every rainbows enD

And if you think a triple is mentally taxing, imagine the amount of Panadol Twinklewriter needed after this Quad Acrostic, yep four times.

Happily we walk in Holiday Happiness with a happy wisH
Abundant hopes to Address Apprehend, approach all pleA
Practice usiní each Puzzling Piece placing, seeing it sharP
Pleasures floats on Pictures Perfectly home drawn to wraP
Your will finishes a Yearnin Yesterday, outlines on fantasY

New Years precise Notions, Noteworthy also venture upoN
Express the minds Energy, Enough to succeed a pleasurE
Watch more Years Wander Watch your love grow and floW

Your colors, shine Yellows, Your words are radiately lovelY
Expect more lavish Engages, Establish power on given freE
Astound self by the Appease Acknowledge strength in areA
Rejoice New Years Retreats, Relish Gods gift given foreveR

Knowing the ABCís you can Begin or end A word in each line. Peggy demonstrates this By ending the last word with of each line in Order of the alphabet letters.

I Am A Perfect, Gods Perfect mistake

I am perfection; God has assigned
I am the perfect honey you once thought a bee
I come with eyes to see and care
I love to relax whenever I come out of a daze
I am a perfect example of every emotion
I am perfect and willing to forgive but, not forgotten
God Designed me this way, I am a part of God
Myself I will give you a perfect gift of love and hate
I myself use emotions of thoughts pressing against I
I know no one more powerful enough to stop my justifications
My knowledge comes in various ways, and not excluding telepathy kind
My yesterdays have been kind and unkind pages, releasing past loves
My sorrows, your sorrows, our sorrows; inflected, are now useless memories
Ive gone so far out of this world and returned to help battle wars of all nations
I have opened and closed numerous windows, till I find the right ONE
I am Pages filled and spilled over onto my husbands pages
I have asked so many questions, without a straight answer from Queens
My reputation has been repeated shattered from a one time friend; first row
I have sinned for him, he still believes in me, he has forgive my sins
I will still play and tease but only at my own accord; to touch you tenderly
My long hard falls now evaporate into never ever land, cooing with the land down under
I venture off into a new direction and sail with the a much calmer victory
I now wine and dine with amore favorable tasting wine
I have fired and burned the plant called Xanthium
My years past by quickly but, my feats and accomplishment still echo with yours
My dream catcher and I slowly dance too our favorite song and fall into the emotional coo zoo

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